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The ‘Secret’ Glyph
April 24, 2014


As featured on the recent CVG Youtube channel a ‘secret’ glyph has been discovered. This does have a lot of similarities to the other glyphs surrounding the mystery and could be representing a sunset or sunrise with the six lines indicating 6am/6pm.  However I would like to say whilst there are definite similarities, the placement of […]

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Unmarked Grave
April 19, 2014


Eazyduzit discovered a rogue unmarked grave. Worth noting but might not have anything to do with the chilliad mystery. It does however show that there are hidden things yet to be found in the world of Los Santos!  

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Crossword Puzzle
April 11, 2014

Richard Glen Mural

At the Parsons Rehabilitation Center in the Richard Glen area. This potential crossword puzzle found is missing 58 letters. It is currently believes (and lead) by the impression that signs with missing letters (either the letter is gone or the light for a letter went out) are to be used to fill up the puzzle […]

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Alien Abduction (Investigation)
December 19, 2013


Recently there has been an influx of people claiming to witness alien abductions taking place. The claimed location is here. Interestingly, the first claimant said it happened during a Crescent moon, which would make the moon glyph clue somewhat plausible. Furthermore, near this place is a what is known in the community as the ‘Full […]

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Alien Egg (Game File)
December 16, 2013


Over in this reddit post it was discovered that the alien egg (after being ‘injected’ into the game) glows in the dark! Whilst this doesn’t help us with the location of the egg it should help now that people know what they are looking for as well as the fact it glows in the dark!

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Alien HUD (Game File)
December 15, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, someone going through the game files came across this HUD which is speculated to be the view from a pilot-able UFO. As you can see there is a space in the bottom left which is where the mini-map appears, making this claim something with a bit of substance. The entire […]

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